Wicket Hospital Management System

We at Wicket Hospital are staffed by top medical practitioners. We are a 800 bed facility. Our mission is to provide top quality care.

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About Us Contact Us, Directions, Find out more information on the Wicket Hospital
Patient Guide   Use this guide for patient services
Doctor and Administrator Applications Management System Doctors should use this page to login to the hospital management system
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Careers at Wicket Hospital Visit this site if you want more than a job but a career

Note about the Wicket Hospital: The Wicket Hospital is not an actual hospital. This site is designed to proof of concept web application frameworks. Use the site design as a guide for a typical J2EE web interface on top of Google Appengine. In other words, don't expect actual medical services.

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Apache Wicket notes on this page:

This is a basic hello-world wicket page. The implementation page class extends 'WebPage'. Several 'BookmarkablePageLinks' classes are added through out the content of this page. Almost all of the source code is intentional if not the most common practice. Wicket is component based and event driven, similar to 'Java Swing' but targeted for web applications.
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